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ProfiCAD is an application that you can use to make the different samples for the electrical things means if you want to make the circuit board you can make firstly this project in the soft form and then you can get the full analysis that where you have to set the wire. After the full drawings, you can complete the physical projects within a minimum time. You can get artificial machinery and can adjust and can know the purpose of the machinery. If you want to make an electrical workstation for the recording of audio you can get even very little wire from the libraries and can adjust. If you want to do the electrical brushes for editing purposes. You can also do it after the complete drawing.

Uses of this app:

With one click you can get different cables which you can use according to your diagram. If you put the wrong wire and at the end, you want to change such type of wire then you will need to double-click on the and you can change the specific part of the wire you will not need to change the whole complete diagram and if you want to make the size of the wire small you can make by cutting it. This app you can also use for the settings of any electrical button that you can set on the specific board and then you can change it also according to your need.



  •  There is no one or more particular symbol that you can use but you can use more than a thousand symbols.
  •   You can create any map or design before converting them into construction.
  •  This app is also best for Architecture and Mechanical Engineering.
  • If you have any old drafts and you want to update them. Then you can also use the tools of this app and can modify your draft.

The procedure for installation:

This app you can install very simply first you have to install the setup. In the next step you have to open the folder where you have the setup, then you will need to copy all the content and now you have to open the directory for pasting the content and after pasting content in the directory of installation you can click and run your program and now you can get access to any type of tool for making the electronic drawing or any type of tool.


  • When you will create anything this app can automatically and makes you free of any stress. If your device becomes shut down accidentally.
  • If you are working on any systematic projects and suddenly your projects become deleted. This app will also give you the backup option and you will be able to get the drawing as it is as you lost it.


You can export or import different electronic drawing images:

Through this app, you can export different images and also import the electronic images you can simply drag and then can modify and after the work on it, you can transfer your samples to others.

The best app to update on old projects:

One of the best apps you can use to make your old projects fully updated. And without practice, you can make the different circuit boards and also can update the old boards.

ProfiCAD 2021 Keys:






ProfiCAD is one of the best apps for making science or also for computer projects. You can make the motherboard drawing and you can make it physical. Users can get different symbols as a sample and you can also get the complete drawing to get help.

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