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3uTools 3.06.015 Crack With License Key


3uTools is an application that can manage all files that can handle all the backup work, and any large document you can drag on the interface of this app and can manage it fully you can set the headings, and you can also set the font or pages and can give the document a new look or professional look. You can organize all those files that you downloaded and which files you already have on your PC. If you want to break any files any videos any articles. This app also allows and breaks the files in a good manner without losing the quality of data.

Uses Of This App:

The app is not limited to documents, but you can also use it for the management of any pictures, different audio, and video songs. This app keeps all the songs in sequence alphabetically, you only need to write the song name on the search bar, and in the next second, you will be able to get the complete rows. And can play any song. The other best thing about the app is that you can use it to download anything. If you download any music ringtones books or other types of data you can download and this will be saved automatically in the download directory you will not need to search after downloading it.



  • This app also gives you the option of jailbreak and this option can give you the facility to recover the data from the damaged devices. If your external devices like disk or USB are not opening due to viruses. Then you can use this option to retrieve your lost data.
  • You can also record anything and can make any fast or slow ringtones.
  • Users can also convert videos from one format to another format or from one device to another device.
  • If you have installed any application and you are facing issues in the inactivation or installation process. Then this app can help you and within seconds you can install any complicated setup app and can use it.
  • If you have very little storage on your PC but have very large data. This app can compress this file in a way so that you can save any large file without facing any issue of capacity.


  • You can also use this app as an updater means you can update your other applications.
  • Users can also use it to remove any passwords from their phone or their laptops.
  • It’s one of the amazing apps for cleaning junk and enhancing the speed of computers and iPhones.

3uTools 2024 Keys:









One of the best apps for compressing the data size: 

This app you can use to compress the data size if you have large data and large videos. If you are facing issues in transferring the files then this app also has the best tools and these tools you can use for compressing the size of the file without losing the quality of the data.

The best app to modify the themes of phones:

With this app, you can make your phone an attractive look. And can add different themes easily. You can get ready-made themes and can also make them by hand themes.


3u Tool is an impressive app. You can use this app on your mobile to install a collection of app icons and enjoy a variety of functions on these handy tools. This does not mean that if you have a small device, large icons, and apps you will not get a fast response or well work but you will get a full response or the best working.

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